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Our mission it's to find the best financing solutions for your investments in Portugal. We work with the main lenders in our market and our services don't have any cost (direct or indirect) to our clients.
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Eduardo Fernandes
Loan and Mortgage Broker
1. What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker acts as a middleman between you and potential lenders. The broker's job is to compare mortgage lenders on your behalf and find interest rates that fit your needs. Mortgage brokers have stables of lenders they work with, which can make your life easier.

Mortgage brokers are licensed and regulated financial professionals (in Portugal by Banco de Portugal) who do a lot of the legwork. They gather documents from you, verify your income and employment, using the information to help you apply for loans and negotiate terms in a short time.

Once you settle on a loan and a lender that works best for you, your mortgage broker will collaborate with the bank's underwriting department, the closing agent (usually the title company) and your real estate agent to keep the transaction running smoothly through closing day.

2. How does a mortgage broker get paid?

Mortgage brokers are paid by lenders. The law also prohibits mortgage brokers from charging hidden fees or basing their compensation on a borrower's interest rate.

3. Is a mortgage broker right for me?

You can save time by using a mortgage broker; it can take hours to apply for preapproval with different lenders, then there's the back-and-forth communication involved in underwriting the loan and ensuring the transaction stays on track. A mortgage broker can save you the hassle of managing that process.

4. Why do I will choose your company?

We have already a vast experience with foreign costumers. We have the knowledge and the will to always find the best solutions to our clients.
And more important than that we have the portuguese professional licensing that states our professional ability.

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Robustarget, NIPC 514583398, it's a Broker and Mortgage Company (Intermediária de Crédito) authorized by Banco de Portugal.